PvP Group Arena Coaching for 2v2 and 3v3


Introducing our PvP Group Coaching at the World of Warcraft Academy, where combat expertise, tactical teamwork, and strategic knowledge take center stage. Join our coaching sessions and unlock the true potential of your 2v2 and 3v3 arena battles. We cover essential aspects such as optimal team compositions, class synergies, effective coordination, understanding diminishing returns in crowd control, as well as priorities, resource management, line of sight tactics, and the significance of shotcalling.


What you'll get:


Optimal Team Compositions and Class Synergies

Discover the perfect balance of classes and specializations for your PvP team. Learn to create synergizing combinations that leverage the unique abilities of each member to gain an edge in the arena.


Effective Coordination and Diminishing Returns

Hone your coordination skills to work seamlessly with your partner(s) while understanding the concept of diminishing returns in crowd control. Discover the importance of crowd control, interrupts, peels, and rotations, all while managing diminishing returns to maximize their impact strategically.


Priorities in Battle

Learn how to set and adjust priorities during battles to optimize your actions and split-second decision-making, ensuring you're focusing on the most critical objectives to secure victory. Shotcalling within your team becomes paramount in coordinating these priorities effectively.


Resource Management

Master the art of effectively managing your resources, whether it's cooldowns, mana, energy, or other crucial aspects, to ensure you have the right tools available at the right time during engagements.


Line of Sight Tactics

Understand the significance of line of sight in battles and how to strategically utilize it to control engagements, create opportunities, control spacing to create gaps and gain a tactical advantage over your opponents.


Elevate your PvP gameplay to new heights with our 2v2 and 3v3 PvP Group Coaching. Join our experienced coaches and a community of dedicated PvP players to enhance your World of Warcraft arena experience. Whether you're a seasoned gladiator or just stepping into the arena for the first time, our coaching will empower you to conquer your opponents with confidence and strategy. Embrace the thrill of player versus player combat and lead your team to victory in Azeroth's fiercest battlegrounds!

PvP Group Arena Coaching for 2v2 and 3v3


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We provide top notch e-sport coaching for World of Warcraft. Wether its Raid, Mythic Plus, Arena or Raid Leading - find the right course for you to improve your gameplay.
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We provide top notch e-sport coaching for World of Warcraft. Wether its Raid, Mythic Plus, Arena or Raid Leading - find the right course for you to improve your gameplay.
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